Since the beginning, GAME, S.A. has focused its business on the CUSTOMER, with our sales force having the main objective of providing CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in the areas of industrial maintenance. Instead of focussing on traditional supply, GAME, S.A. provides them with a single comprehensive solution for purchasing and maintenance, with coordinated supplies and information on a wide variety of manufacturers and processes through its Vending and Kanban system. It has implemented a system for the integration of services with its customers which reduces stocks and improves production flows, providing added value to the chain of work and achieving a greater optimisation of resources and minimisation of operating costs.

To guarantee a better service for the CUSTOMER, GAME, S.A. has the best processes in the LOGISTICS area, which include the widest range of industrial maintenance and supply products, with more than 60,000 different items in our warehouses. Management is through our own delivery fleet.

In order for GAME, S.A. to always guarantee its CUSTOMERS the best solution, it has the best resources, staff and suppliers. As a result, GAME, S.A. has established the appropriate financial structure as a way of strengthening our business.