Our Team

Our team now consists of 20 people who we are continuously training to always keep them up to date with the new technologies launched in the market. We are therefore always able to offer our customers the best personalised service.

Customer service always takes centre stage at GAME, S.A. The telephone hotline, presentations, after-sales service, fleet management and many other options create a rapid and professional service that individual and professional users can use if they have any questions or problems.

Our ambition is to be, and to continue being, recognised as a reliable company, above all professional, a company that contributes to the welfare, wealth and safety of people, offering the most highly valued productivity solutions in our area.

This is and will continue to be our ambition.

Equipo Comercial
Commercial Dept.

Our Commercial Dept. now includes 6 people

Mª José Bidaurreta <br> Joxé Aguirre
Partner and Management

Mª José Bidaurreta, Manager of Suministros Industriales GAMESA, has the support of the partner an...

Mª José Bidaurreta

Mª José Bidaurreta is a Director of the company

Urtzi Arrondo

Commercial Representative of GAMESA

Joxe Aguirre
Commercial Dept.

Joxe is the veteran of this dept. with a length of service of 28 years.

Francisco Javier Fernandez
Commercial Dept.

Francisco Javier, Commercial Departament

Jon Muruamendiaraz
Commercial Dept.

Jon Muruamendiaraz, Commercial Deptartament

Aitor Larburu
Commercial Dept.

Aitor Larburu, Commercial Departament

Aitor Lopez
Commercial Dept.

Aitor Lopez, Commercial Departament

Joxemi Benitez
Commercial Dept.

Joxemi Benitez, Commercial Departament

Ione Galarza <br> Miren Mayoral <br>Nagore Mondejar

Our Administration Dept. is run by three people

Mikel Garmendia <br> Urtzi Arrondo

Our Purchasing Dept. is comprised of two people who work every day at our facilities:

Mikel Garmendia
Purchasing Dept.

Mikel is our Purchasing Representative.

Ainhoa Bonilla <br>Nerea Rodriguez

Our Sales Dept. is comprised of two people who work every day at our facilities

Warehouse and delivery team

Our Warehouse, Delivery and Service Desk Dept. is comprised of 7 people

Eneko Garmendia
Purchasing Dept.

Eneko, our Departmental Representative, is a dynamic, fun but yet highly professional person who ...