Eneko Garmendia

Eneko GarmendiaPurchasing Dept.

Eneko, our Departmental Representative, is a dynamic, fun but yet highly professional person who already has a length of service of 16 years in our organisation.

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Equipo Comercial
Commercial Dept.

Our Commercial Dept. now includes 6 people

Mª José Bidaurreta <br> Joxé Aguirre
Partner and Management

Mª José Bidaurreta, Manager of Suministros Indu...

Mª José Bidaurreta

Mª José Bidaurreta is a Director of the company

Urtzi Arrondo

Commercial Representative of GAMESA

Joxe Aguirre
Commercial Dept.

Joxe is the veteran of this dept. with a length...

Francisco Javier Fernandez
Commercial Dept.

Francisco Javier, Commercial Departament