Ione Galarza <br> Miren Mayoral <br>Nagore Mondejar

Ione Galarza
Miren Mayoral
Nagore Mondejar

Our Administration Dept. is run by three people: Ione, Miren and Nagore.

We can say that Ione, as Representative of this department, has known our organisation almost from the very start as she has belonged to it for 28 years now.

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Equipo Comercial
Commercial Dept.

Our Commercial Dept. now includes 6 people

Mª José Bidaurreta <br> Joxé Aguirre
Partner and Management

Mª José Bidaurreta, Manager of Suministros Indu...

Mª José Bidaurreta

Mª José Bidaurreta is a Director of the company

Urtzi Arrondo

Commercial Representative of GAMESA

Joxe Aguirre
Commercial Dept.

Joxe is the veteran of this dept. with a length...

Francisco Javier Fernandez
Commercial Dept.

Francisco Javier, Commercial Departament