Mikel Garmendia

Mikel GarmendiaPurchasing Dept.

Mikel is our Purchasing Representative.

Having worked in different departments within the organisation for more than 15 years, he has extensive training and experience.

We can say that he is someone who is serious, reliable and strict in the performance of his functions, both professionally and personally.

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Equipo Comercial
Commercial Dept.

Our Commercial Dept. now includes 6 people

Mª José Bidaurreta <br> Joxé Aguirre
Partner and Management

Mª José Bidaurreta, Manager of Suministros Indu...

Mª José Bidaurreta

Mª José Bidaurreta is a Director of the company

Urtzi Arrondo

Commercial Representative of GAMESA

Joxe Aguirre
Commercial Dept.

Joxe is the veteran of this dept. with a length...

Francisco Javier Fernandez
Commercial Dept.

Francisco Javier, Commercial Departament